Wildman British Charcuterie & Salumi, 5th Generation Butchers & Graziers in the Yorkshire Dales


The Wildman family have been involved in Farming & Butchery for more than five generations.  Graziers & Butchers since 1871. Back in the day, it was not called Charcuterie, but needless to say, we have been producing cured and preserved meats in Yorkshire for a very long time.

Our range of British Charcuterie includes, Traditional Breed Beef Bresaola, a marinated & cured slicing beef, cattle include “Beltie” – Belted Galloway, Longhorn, Dexter and even Wagyu Cross all grazed in Malhamdale here in the Yorkshire Dales.  British Charcuterie Awards Gold Medal, National Trust Fine Farm Produce Award.

Yorkshire Gin Coppa an Italian style cold cut meat made from the shoulder and nape of traditional breed pigs, Oxford Sandy & Black, Saddlebacks and Gloucester Old Spot, we reuse botanicals used in the production of Yorkshire Gins to flavour our Yorkshire Gin Coppa.  British Charcuterie Awards Bronze Medal.

Yorkshire Chorizo, our classic Spanish style chorizo with smoked paprika or the spicy Picante Chorizo with added cayenne pepper for that warm finish.  The Original Yorkshire Chorizo. 

Yorkshire Fennel Salami with red wine.

Guanciale, the classic Italian ingredient for carbonara, cured and dry aged pork jowel with juniper, thyme & bay, similar to pancetta.

Wildman Pancetta, another classic Italian style cured meat, like streaky bacon with added herbs & spices for flavouring sauces and soups.  British Cured Meat Awards Silver Medal.

Wildman Holy Smokery Dry Cured Bacon, British Cured Meat Awards Gold Medal.


Wildman Butchers & Graziers
Town End Farm Shop,
North Yorkshire,
BD23 4BE

Tel: 01729-830902
Please email for more information and trade enquiries. chris@townendfarmshop.co.uk

   Yorkshire Dales National Trust Fine Farm Produce Award 2019gold british charcuterie awards medal           BCMA Gold Medal            old butchers meat labels

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