Butchery Courses Available

sausage smile 2016-03-25

Butchery courses held here on the farm

  • Pork Butchery Sausages & Basic Curing “PIG IN A DAY!”
  • French Charcuterie Course, the French butchery & curing method
  • Italian Salumi Course, the Italian butchery & curing  method

More information, prices, dates & how to book on the Farm Shop website here Town End Farm Shop Butchery Courses

2 thoughts on “Butchery Courses Available”

  • Hi, are you still offering any charcuterie making courses? Was hoping to give my partner a gift voucher for a course for Christmas. He loves to eat charcuterie and makes most of our food and drinks (and furniture come to think of it) from scratch; this would be a new skill. Do let me know if you are still running courses!
    Thanks, Abi Shapiro

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